.ST     STop


        .ST  [stopmessage]

See also:

.CO   .EB   .EC   .EN   .ER  


The .ST directive is used to stop the assembly process temporarily. A message is displayed on the screen and the SB-Assembler waits until the operator presses almost any key.
This could be used for example to prompt the operator to insert another disk.

The function of this directive has become fairly obsolete nowadays. Therefore the .ST directive is no longer available in Version 3 of the SB-Assembler.


If no stopmessage is given the assembler will display the default stop message Press almost any key to continue. Otherwise the text following the .ST directive will be displayed up to a maximum length of 79 characters. This limits the maximum length of the stop message to one line on the screen.

The stopmessage will be erased from the screen when the operator presses almost any key and then the assembly process will resume.
Except when the ESC key is pressed, in which case the assembly process is completely terminated. This is also true if the operator normally presses the ESC key during an assembly process.

Source lines that contain the .ST directive will never be listed in the list file and can not hold comments. All text following the .ST directive is considered to be the stopmessage.


Prompt the operator for a new disk:

         .ST  Insert disk 2 and press any key

Warning! Don't use the drive that must hold different disks for writing target files, error files, or what ever other generated files to! This could destroy the contents of the diskette written to.