.EC     End Comment



See also:

.CO   .EB   .EN   .ER   .ST  


This directive ends the comment block that was started by the .CO directive. Provided that the label field of the source line is empty and the .EC directive appears in the instruction field. Otherwise the comment block is not ended.

Boundary Sync:

In Version 3 of the SB-Assembler this directive will perform a boundary sync.


The label field should be empty and the .EC directive must appear in the instruction field to make it effective. Otherwise the comment block won't be terminated. This means that at least one space or TAB character must precede the .EC directive. No other characters are allowed before the .EC directive, otherwise it will simply be part of the comment lines.

Everything on the same source line that follows the .EC directive will still be treated as comment.

An error message will be reported if the comment block was not activated.

The comment mode will also be terminated automatically at the end of an include file.

In Version 3 a warning is given if an orphaned .EC directive is found. An orphaned .EC directive is one which doesn't have a previous .CO directive.