Let The Fun Begin

Enough talk now, let's get going with some experiments! One more thing before we begin, I would like to tell you that all experiments were created using my free SB-Assembler. Oh, sorry, you already knew that.

The experiments are divided into two main categories: experiments with or without additional hardware. The experiments which require no additional hardware can be performed on the standard MPF-1. Experiments around special hardware require you to do some soldering first.

Let's get going!

Standard Hardware Experiments

Keyboard Map This experiment reveals the secrets behind the keyboard matrix.
Egg Timer This experiment shows you how to use software timed loops to create a simple yet multi purpose egg timer.
Dice 2 A simple, no nonsense, dice rolling program with 2 dice.
Dice 6 A more sophisticated dice rolling program, rolls up to 6 dice at a time.
RND test Two simple programs to test the repetition rate of an 8-bit and a 16-bit pseudo random number generator.
Guess You and the computer each take turns to guess each other's secret number.