The MPF-1 computer can still be bought new from the factory today, despite its age. It is now produced by the company Flite Electronics International Limited, who have purchased the intellectual property from the company Multitech, which is now better known as Acer. Anyway, I won't bore you with history lessons though. You can look it all up for yourself on wikipedia in case you're interested.
And while you're at it, here's another Wikipedia article about the MPF-1 itself.

Since there is still a company holding the intellectual property of this product I was able to ask them for permission to publish the downloads below, which they kindly granted. I only wish all companies of vintage tech would be so generous with their information. After all, web sites like mine are basically advertising for their products.

Download all the available MPF-1 documents. The ZIP file includes the following documents:

  • MPF-1 User manual
  • BASIC-MPF Operation manual
  • EPB-MPF EPROM programmer board manual
  • EPB Circuit diagram
  • Monitor program source listing
  • MPF1 Video CRT controller (German)
  • MPF-1 Experiment manual
  • PRT-MPF-IP Printer operation manual
  • PRT-MPF Printer operation manual
  • Sciento robot arm keyboard overlay (Dutch)
  • SSB-MPF Speech synthesizer board operation manual
  • Tiny BASIC keyboard overlay

Download all the available hex dumps for the MPF computer and its peripherals.

Other Downloads

Micro-Professor MPF-I Student Work Book