Changes In 2014

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28 December, 2014

Added a page about the GPIO connectors in the Raspberry Pi section.

28 December, 2014

Added the fixing of my TF300 power button to the repair section of the project page.

23 December, 2014

In the dark and gloomy days before Christmas I decided to make a full description of a small little project I've built about a year ago. You can read all about the use of the Raspberry Pi as an SB-Bus driver in the projects area.

18 December, 2014

Finally made the beta version of the SB-Assembler Version 3 publicly available.

21 September, 2014

Added an expiration warning script to the software section.
Added a short paragraph about to the Raspberry Pi IPv6 chapter.

10 June, 2014

Added a short note to the Synology git server article regarding the use of IPv6 addresses in git.

31 May, 2014

Added an article about how to install, configure and use git server on the Synology Disk Station in the internetwork knowledge base corner.

2 May, 2014

Added the Google Two-Step Authentication article to the Raspberry Pi project.

15 April, 2014

Made some internal changes to make it easier to make some global changes.