Changes In 2013

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7 October, 2013

Added my adventure with an IR repeater and a digital audio input selector.

20 September, 2013

Added a short article on how to connect your Raspberry Pi to the internet using a 3G USB modem.

15 September, 2013

Added an article about VLAN trunking using the IEEE 802.1q protocol to the tips & tricks page for the Raspberry Pi.

29 June, 2013

Reading temperatures with the Raspberry Pi, part 1.

8 June, 2013

Finally the long awaited Tip on setting up Mutt for Gmail on your Raspberry Pi was finished.

7 June, 2013

My web site is now IPv6 enabled. I have added an IPv6 ready notice on the main page, which is only visible if you are visiting my site using an IPv6 enabled internet connection.

5 June, 2013

Barely 2 days after uploading my own images a newer version of Raspbian was released. So I had to do all again.
I have also included a little script, running on one of my Raspberry Pies, which warns me whenever a new version is released.

3 June, 2013

A mew Tips & Tricks page containing tried and tested external hardware which can be used with the Raspberry Pi.

30 May, 2013

After a playing a while with the Raspberry Pi I started feeling the need to start all over again from time to time. Therefore I have created a few Raspian images which enable me to start with a fresh system within minutes. Without the need to connect the RPi to a monitor.

29 May, 2013

With a new howto you can connect your Raspberry Pi to free cloud services to expand the storage capacity completely for free.

15 May, 2013

Made some changes to the mail sending howto page for the Raspberry Pi. It now includes the use of two different MTA programs. The choice is yours.

12 May, 2013

I wrote a howto page explaining how to enable IPv6 on your Raspberry Pi on any IPv4-only network.

14 April, 2013

Created a script for my Raspberry Pi, which tweets my RPi's IP address whenever it changes. I also created a similar script, which will email the IP address whenever it changes.