Changes In 2015

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26 December, 2015

Created page about repairing a Samsung S3 phone with boot problems.

21 December, 2015

Removed the spring cleaning message from the main page latest news items and made myself a new promise for the next year.

13 December, 2015

Spent a page on repairing a broken Samsung TV in the repair section (of course, where else).

1 December, 2015

Created the repair page of the Fluke 8020A digital multi meters.

2 November, 2015

Updated the Raspbian download to the latest image.

2 November, 2015

Added the repair story of my power drill battery pack.

28 October, 2015

Split the repair tips from the projects page to create a separate chapter. Added the extra hands topic to this repair and tips and tricks chapter while I was at it.

20 September, 2015

Updated the Raspberry Pi index page. Added an Operating system page. And updated the CMOS clock story with some information about the amazing accuracy of the clock.
And while I'm at it, I also added an ad-blocker detection to the page.

23 August, 2015

Released a brand new project. It's a CMOS clock, built with discrete logic chips of the 4000 CMOS series.

8 August, 2015

Added the naviation guidance page.

17 July, 2015

READY! All pages have been transformed to Bootstrap and HTML5. What a job! It's a good thing I didn't count the hours it took to get here.

15 July, 2015

Finished converting the Apple 1 chapter to Bootstrap.

12 July, 2015

Converted Raspberry Pi chapter to Bootstrap.

7 July, 2015

Converted Dave and the Pi SB-Bus Driver projects to Bootstrap.

6 July, 2015

Another monster job done. The SB-Bus interface for the Philips counter PM-6667 and PM-6668 is now also converted to Bootstrap. And it got itself a nice new circuit diagram too, finally.

1 July, 2015

Finished converting the Fluke 8010/8012 interface project to Bootstrap. Including a brand new circuit diagram, drawn in Eagle.

22 June, 2015

Converted the Nicon Remote control, EEPROM programmer, Nano 6802, 8048 Spy, IR/Toslink and the Constant Current sink projects to bootstrap.

18 June, 2015

Converted the Tiny EPROM Simulator and the Nikon IR Remote control projects to bootstrap.

9 June, 2015

I couldn't resist the temptation and converted yet one more page to bootstrap. It was the page describing the STK200 programmer for AVR processors.

7 June, 2015

Converted the projects index page today. I've been a bit preoccupied with the web site conversion that I've neglected some of my other duties. Therefore I'll put the conversion on hold for a while. Everything is converted, except for most of the projects themselves.
To be continued later.

5 June, 2015

Converted the repair tips to Bootstrap.
I also converted the SB-Bus driver and SAA1064 project pages.

4 June, 2015

Finished the conversion of the knowledge base footprints and the tables chapters to Bootstrap. Everything is converted, except the actual project pages.

2 June, 2015

Converted the File Formats in the knowledge base to bootstrap. This was more work than anticipated. But who cares once it's done?

1 June, 2015

Completed converting the Connectors and Cables chapter in the Knowledge base to Bootstrap.

31 May, 2015

Finished converting the chapter about IR remote control in the knowledge base to Bootstrap. It appears to be my most visited section. So now everybody can enjoy that in the new style.
I've also managed to convert the Product Review section of the knowledge page to Bootstrap today. There I've found a half finished review of the iPod Shuffle, which I have completed too, while I was at it.

29 May, 2015

Started working on my Knowledge page. Converted the index menu and the Synology git server page. Got rid of the page about Fon at the same time. It was old, obsolete hardly of any use anymore. Fon's simply grown too big now.

28 May, 2015

Converted the software corner to Twitter Bootstrap.

27 May, 2015

Finished the conversion of the SB-Bus chapter. At the same time changed the behaviour of the index button while on the index page. It is now changed into a dropdown menu, which is a lot nicer I think.

22 May, 2015

Converted the front page to bootstrap too.

22 May, 2015

Converted the SB-Assembler chapter to Bootstrap. Pfff, that was a lot of work!
My dirty pictures are also converted, that one was easy enough.

4 May, 2015

The WhoAmI page is now also converted to Twitter Bootstrap.

3 May, 2015

Converted the mailme section to Twitter Bootstrap.

2 May, 2015

Added the copyright and about SB-Projects pages, which can be reached by the links in the new footer bar.

27 April, 2015

No, I haven't forgotten my new year's resolution. I'm still working on SB-Projects as much as I can. I've been working on a new layout for my site, using HTML5 and Twitter Bootstrap, to make it all more mobile friendly.
Today my first Bootstrap page has been released (this one in fact).

11 February, 2015

Added the MC68HC04 cross overlay to version 3 of the SB-Assembler page.

4 February, 2015

Added another tips & tricks item to my Raspberry Pi story, on how to turn your Raspberry Pi into a TOR router.

27 January, 2015

Integrated Izabella's page into mine.

26 January, 2015

Added a page about the GPIO connectors in the Raspberry Pi section.

23 January, 2015

Updated, no better yet, rewrote the entire Raspberry Pi image page.

20 January, 2015

Let's start the new year with the New Year's resolution of updating my web site a bit more frequently. Here's a start anyway. It's about Dave, my minion who has started to control parts of my house. Dave is an ongoing project though. It won't be finished for quite a while, but I'll keep you updated on the project as we go.