Changes In 2002

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29 December, 2002

The last project of 2002 was put on-line. It is the Tiny EPROM Simulator, an easy to build EPROM simulator that can be of great help during program development for stand alone processors.

4 December, 2002

On request by some students an old project added to the project page. The project is based on a simple 6802 computer.

20 November, 2002

I've put the description of some SB-Bus drivers online, so you could at least use the Fluke interface that was published a few days ago.

17 November, 2002

The complete description of the Fluke 8010/8012 interface is put on-line.

24 October, 2002

Added the dirty pictures page to my site.

18 August, 2002

SB-Assembler version 2.04 released, with increased compatibility with other assemblers and a few new directives added.

2 July, 2002

Sat-Scan motor description added to the knowledge base.

19 June, 2002

All previously existing cross overlays have been converted to the new SB-Assembler. The whole package is now on-line, at last!

4 June, 2002

Added the 8008 and 6809 cross overlays to the SB-Assembler.

26 May, 2002

The Rockwell/WDC 6502 family cross overlays added to the SB-Assembler download package. Some of the Motorola cross overlays were added as well.

10 May, 2002

The Z8 cross overlay was added to the SB-Assembler download package.
The first bugs in the SB-Assembler were discovered and eliminated.
I've added a few pictures of keyboard connectors in the knowledge base pages.

30 April, 2002

It's a great day today! Not only is it "Koninginnedag" (a Dutch national holiday), but I have officially released my SB-Assembler today.
And as if this isn't news enough on its own, I registered my own domain name so you will always be able to find my site in the future, no matter what ISP I'm going to use.

24 April, 2002

Added Smart card footprints in the knowledge base.

10 March, 2002

I've added the description of the Philips RC5 IR protocol in the knowledge base.

6 March, 2002

Now I've added the description of the NEC IR protocol in the knowledge base.

22 February, 2002

I've added the descriptions of the NRC17 and Sharp IR protocols in the knowledge base.

1 February, 2002

Finally I could take some time to work on my home page again, it was about time too. Now I've "finished" my story about serial connectors in the knowledge base.