Changes In 2001

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31 October, 2001

A special request encouraged me to put an old project online. This old project is my MS-DOS based EEPROM programmer.
In the mean time I'm still working on my SB-Assembler as often as I can.

7 September, 2001

I moved to a new server, mainly because the previous ISP caused FTP problems.
I have finished porting my old links pages to this site now. All links that still worked and more can now be found in the links area.

30 July, 2001

I just want to let you know that I'm still working on my link list. It is a very time consuming job, for I want to test all links before including them in the list.
In the mean time I'm adding a description of IR remote control protocols to the knowledge base. The first page of this description went online today even if it's still under construction.

13 July, 2001

I have finished the Javascript clock.

12 July, 2001

I have implemented a clock in Javascript in the top left corner of the main page.

8 July, 2001

Started setting up the Links pages. Will take quite a while to complete though!

6 July, 2001

UTP Cable Tester project added.

2 July, 2001

SCART Euro connector chapter added to knowledge base.

1 July, 2001

UTP Ethernet chapter added to the knowledge base.
PLCC footprint page added to knowledge base.

27 June, 2001

Finished a general overhaul of my entire home page.
Description of EMON52 file format added to knowledge base.

7 February, 2001

Description of Tektronix and Signetics file formats added to knowledge base.

30 January, 2001

Description of FPC file format added to knowledge base.

11 January, 2001

Binary, Hex and Motorola file formats added to the knowledge base.

10 January, 2001

The knowledge base started with the explanation of the Intel Hex file.