Changes In 2003

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17 December, 2003

Added the Motorola 68HC08 Cross Overlay to the Sb-Assembler package.

24 October, 2003

Today I published the STK200/STK300 AVR ISP dongle on the projects page.

10 August, 2003

Added the Sony Infrared Remote Control protocol to the IR protocol pages in the knowledge base.

18 June, 2003

Recently I've started a new major project, designing TCP/IP enabled microcontroller applications. It is a big project, and will not be ready for a long time. Maybe the project will never be completely ready, we'll see. Please visit my TCP/IP pages if you're interested.

4 February, 2003

I moved my site to a new server. Hopefully it is now finally here to stay.

6 January, 2003

The 8048 Spy project added This is only a small, intermediate project, that was needed to create the SB-6668 frequency counter project.