.PG     PaGe


        .PG  [expression]

See also:

.EJ   .LM   .TI  


The .PG directive will force the listing to start on a new page in the list file or on the list device. The title, set by the .TI directive, will be printed on top of that new page along with the page number. The printing of the title and page number on top of the new page is the only difference with the .EJ directive.

Version 3 of the SB-Assembler no longer supports page formatting. Therefore the .PG directive has been omitted there.


If a title is defined by a .TI directive it will be printed on the first line of the new page, along with the page number.

If expression is given the new page will be numbered with the value of the expression. The expression should not be more than 9 spaces away from the .PG directive to be evaluated, otherwise it will be treated as a comment.
The high word of the expression's value will not be included in the page number and is assumed to be 0. The largest page number that can be used is 65535, which should be more than sufficient I think.

A source line containing the .PG directive will never be listed in the list file itself, unless an error is encountered on that line.
A source line containing the .PG directive will only be evaluated in the second pass of the assembly process.