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In Version 2 of the SB-Assembler the .EJ directive sends a Form Feed character to the list file. When sending the listing to the printer this will cause ejecting of the current page. At the same time the line counter for the list file is reset to 0 and the page number is incremented.
This directive will only work during the second pass of the assembly process because the SB-Assembler does not list anything at all during the first pass (apart from error messages).

Version 3 doesn't have any of the page formatting directives because they have become fairly obsolete nowadays. Therefore the .EJ directive is also scrapped from the list of directives.


This directive acts like the .PG directive. The only difference is that .EJ will not print a new page head above the new page like .PG does.

The source line containing the .EJ directive will not be listed in the list file. Everything following .EJ on the source line will be treated as comment.

If the listing is set to Single Sheet mode by the .TI directive the assembly process will come to a halt and a message is put on the screen requesting you to insert a new page. Hit any key when a new page is inserted to continue the assembly process.