Download Tiny EPROM Simulator Package Here you can download the circuit diagram and memory dump of the current software version V1.0. The package contains the circuit diagram and an Intel HEX file. This Intel Hex file is to be programmed into your AT89C2051 micro controller.

How To Program The AT89C2051?

As I'm not capable of supplying any parts, programmed or otherwise, I can not help you get the processor programmed. To be honest, I had to borrow a programmer to create the Tiny EPROM Simulator myself.
I can give you some ideas about how to get your chip programmed though:

  • You can borrow a programmer from a friend.
  • You can ask your component supplier if he's capable of programming it for you.
  • You can ask a nearby electronics company or technical school for assistance.
  • You can browse the web for easy to build programmers, try Google.
  • Or you can buy a very cheap universal programmer from Banggood.