Changes In 2006

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21 October, 2006

The A1-Assembler V1.0 is released. This is a stripped down version of the SB-Assembler, which now runs on the Apple 1, one of its replicas or emulators.

12 September, 2006

From now on my domain is completely hosted!

27 July, 2006

Software version 2.07 of the SB-Assembler is released. Read all about it!

2 July, 2006

It's not official yet, but I've opened the preliminary versions of the Apple 1 pages for the public today. A lot more to come!

24 April, 2006

Added a page describing the SAA1062 in the knowledge base.

25 Januray, 2006

Added pages for the Micro Professor MPF1 single board computer.