Changes In 2005

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4 December, 2005

It has been growing during the past week but now it's official. I've started a new corner in my projects page about the legendary MPF-1 single board computer.

14 October, 2005

Added a page to tackle some general misconceptions about universal remote controllers on my IR knowledge base.

17 September, 2005

Started a new corner on my projects pages, repair tips. The first repair tips are about fixing a computer's PSU.

6 September, 2005

Added the description of the Siemens SDA5708-24 display to the knowledge base.

24 March, 2005

Added the RC-6 IR protocol to the knowledge base.

16 March, 2005

Added the RC-MM IR protocol to the knowledge base.

11 March, 2005

Added the RECS80 IR protocol to the knowledge base.