.HS     Hex String


        .HS  [.]hexbyte [.]hexbyte [.....]]

See also:

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The .HS directive accepts a string of hexadecimal encoded bytes. Each hexadecimal encoded byte must consist of 2 hexadecimal digits.
The .HS directive can be used to enter large tables of hexadecimal bytes with less parameter overhead than with the normal .DA directive.

Boundary Sync:

In Version 3 of the SB-Assembler this directive will not perform a boundary sync.


The Hex String consists of a number of hexadecimal digit pairs. Every digit pair may be separated from the next pair with a dot. This dot serves no purpose other than improving the readability for us humans. Digit pairs belonging to the same byte may not be separated by a dot!
Bytes should be entered as a digit pair, which means that leading zeroes must be included!

The bytes are saved to the target file in the order of appearance.

All data entered are plain hexadecimal bytes. No expressions are allowed here.
The interpretation of the Hex String is ended at the first space, TAB or EOL. The rest of the line is regarded as comment.


0000-01 23 45 67
0004-89 AB CD EF            .HS   .
0008-01 23 45 67
000C-89 AB CD EF            .HS   0123456789ABCDEF
0010-01 23 45 67
0014-89 AB CD EF            .HS   0123.4567.89AB.CDEF