.EP     End Patch



See also:

.BS   .DU   .ED   .NO   .OR   .PH   .SM   .TA  


With the .EP directive the so called patch mode, that was started by the .PH directive, is switched off .

Boundary Sync:

In Version 3 of the SB-Assembler this directive will perform a boundary sync.


The .EP directive switches off the so-called patch mode. In effect this means that the program counter gets the same value as the target pointer again.
The .EP directive will be ignored if the patch mode was not activated. In which case the program counter and target address were in sync already.

A possible label in the label field of the source line still gets the value of the last patch address.

Everything on the source line following the .EP directive is ignored and therefore will be treated as comment.

Please refer to the .PH directive for more details about the patch mode.

In Version 3 of the assembler the .PH patch mode is only allowed in code memory. If the .EP directive is found in any of the other memory modes a *** Error: Only allowed in Code memory error is generated.