Other Protocols

Obviously there are many more IR protocols on the market, and maybe new protocols will be invented in the future. It is impossible (for me) to know them all, know who has invented the protocols and especially what brands use those protocols.
I'm no longer employed in the consumer electronic equipment market. Therefore I stopped collecting new IR protocols. So chances are very small that I will describe any so far unknown protocols on my pages, unless I need one myself.

If the protocol you're looking for isn't here then I can truly say that I have never heard of it. So please don't bother asking me about other protocols, I won't have any details to share with you.
Also questions like "what protocol is used by brand X in their machine Y?" are impossible for me to answer.

If you have the original remote control of a particular device you can easily study the used protocol by connecting a simple IR detection diode to the Line input of your PC's sound card. An appropriate oscilloscope program on your PC can be used to make an accurate enough diagram to be able to break the protocol apart. I think google will be your friend in finding a PC sound card oscilloscope program.