Well, to be honest, this is not exactly a review page. Reviews are usually done on brand new products. This product is really quite old and the manufacturer of it has ceased to be ages ago. When I obtained my Snappy, ages ago, it was already obsolete. I remember buying it with a discount of about 1/3 of the original price.
I dedicate this page to this bright little product, which was way ahead of the competition in its own days. I haven't checked it, but it may even be ahead of its competition even today.
Well what is it then? What does it do? Simply put, it is a video capture device, which connects to the printer port of the PC. Feed it a video signal and it produces quite remarkable pictures. They say it's a result of good hardware and very good software design which produces these beautiful results.

My first Snappy-shot

See for yourself. Believe it or not, this was the first picture I ever took with my Snappy. I bought my Snappy around 1998 or so. It was a surplus device, no-one knew what it was and what it was supposed to do. I had heard of it and thought, "What the heck, the price is low enough, I'll buy one". I've installed the software, connected the output of a digital satellite receiver to its input, selected my favourite channel Fashion TV, which was still free to air in those days with a reasonable bit rate, and then I hit the capture button without even looking at what I was doing. And this was the result, an 800 x 600 capture of Claudia Schiffer on the catwalk, my very first Snappy capture. Isn't she pretty? The capture I mean, of course.

And why this homage to this old product? Well, I needed the Snappy again to take some snapshots of OSD menus for work recently and noticed that the original software which came with my Snappy didn't work on my XP machine. BTW, this was no surprise to me. I scanned the net and found an old page of Willie Koorts from South Africa which had all possible drivers for the Snappy, including patches for XP. However it took ages for the drivers to download. Then I decided it was time to create a small tribute to this wonderful device before all evidence of its existence disappear forever.

Snappy Versions

That's it for now. I'll be back, whenever I can find some time to work on this again.